It’s a Bug’s World… and Artistic Discoveries

Bugs love playing silly hide and seek games, and, breaking the rules. However, for a software tester aka seeker, it may be quite tricky to find the bug when it has magical powers!

Magical bugs know the secret of becoming invisible at the right place and time. Seeker comes nearby and bug simply disappears. Magic happens! At least their magic has its limits and cannot keep up with seeker’s patience and persistence. After a while it gets caught, and, then again, when seeker tries to write down an instruction for his best friend collecting bugs – a developer, then the bug again tries to hide. This may be tricky, but those bugs are most valuable.

Today two witty bugs fooled me! They were written down by me, but testing a new build – I did not find them and thought that maybe they got fixed with other bugs, so I talked to manager and dev leader about it. They agreed that it’s madly strange and those bugs are very witty, but we can mark them as No action… However, the real story was that those bugs just used their magic in the new build and hid under their invisibility coats. So, I even started to doubt their existence. However, I got really ashamed of myself and, tried to prove, that they actually exist… And it worked out. Though description is pretty awful: the bug may appear and may not appear – depends on his mood. Please be patient trying to meet with him. And, I’m so ashamed that I doubted bugs and changed their statuses 3 times today… But now they are caught and ready for the fix once again!

Also, bugs are preparing for winter. It’s madly cold outside, so, some of them were given gifts – pretty clothes by our team. Why so? Because we love taking care of our little bugs. Some of them are now fancy and will never be fixed, we have pet them… and they became… features! (Some people believe that the reason is not that we love bugs, but… that developers are lazy to fix them.).


What is more, I must share you my artistic discoveries. Looking at biographies of bugs, I found this beautiful Excel file with pretty art in it. The tester who created that biography loved the bug so much that created brilliant environment for it to prosper. The artist’s name is Evgeniya Gapchinska. Lovely, playful and happy paintings. Check her out! While I found one with… a bug (how ironic). (: