Give someone positive feedback – Day 30 of 30 Days of Testing


I couldn’t imagine of a better way to end an amazing journey of 30 Days of Testing. After all days filled with various testing tasks the final touch is personal, positive and related to people around us.

One of previous challenges was rather work-based- to say something nice about product you tested. It is closely related to today’s challenge as you may say it to a developer who made the product, but today it’s time to say something personal!

In my company, every three months we have personal feedback sessions with our CTO and VP of Engineering. Not only that we get feedback about ourselves, but also we are encouraged to express feedback about everyone in the team (including the people who are in the room). Usually, even if there are some things to improve, positive feedback is a big driving force which calms you down and makes you realize that people value you.

However, I never said positive feedback on purpose to someone personally, so today I chose a programmer who I greatly value, but maybe do not express that enough, and wrote that to him.

The experience was pretty rewarding! I had some struggles to formulate the words and it took a while to click  “Send”, but I feel that he really deserved it and hope that it will make his day. It would make mine.

In the end, I believe that it would be nice to give (and receive!) positive feedback real-time, not on challenges or feedback sessions, but when you feel like it.



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