Say nice things about what you test – Day 27 of 30 Days of Testing


Usually testers are the ones who report the bad news. This is a professional behavior in a way: we need to spot mistakes and let the team know about it as soon as possible so they would get fixed. The positive feedback often is left unspoken because we are concentrated on finding the negatives.

Being the lone tester, I work very closely with people whose work I have to test. Be it a product manager or a developer – I ask them questions, we collaborate and clarify the requirements and implementation. This allows me to feel closer to the team and as well get happy when something reaches final implementation. Sometimes when my verification is done I express positivity about what I tested: usually it is rather a “well done!” comment in JIRA, but there are also cases when we discuss the new feature’s “superpower” together with the programmer.

In general, my long-term aspiration is to soothe the pain of bad news with acts of appreciation and interest, so I try to say nice things about what I tested. Nevertheless, today I tried to do that even more!

I talked about the new feature with the programmer who has been working on it for a few months now. I really do believe that it’s a great investment in the long-run and I have noticed an amazing improvement in quality of his work. It was great to test a stable and pretty version of the product with no surprises except from a few cosmetic UI issues. As the result of this conversation, mood was lifted for both sides and the programmer shared his own nice thoughts about the same feature.

The greatest part of saying nice things about what you tested is that the programmer will get appreciation and even may explain more about the internals of the feature which helps you to test better.

Positivity is a win-win situation: helps to build a strong team with members who respect each other, share not only their problems, but wins as well. 




4 thoughts on “Say nice things about what you test – Day 27 of 30 Days of Testing

  1. Yeah, programmer may explain more about the iternals of the feature which helps you to test better. And this will really happen. Also if you respect youself(i.e. say nice thungs about what you ve yested) thwn only other will respect you! Lina keep it up

  2. Hey Lina,

    Great post about the positives of simply giving praise when deserved. I’m a lone tester too, so I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said =]

    In fact, I was in a similar situation last month when an improvement came back out to test after being reopened once. There was a lot in it and the dev has been struggling lately, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well he’d done, with only one minor follow on needed. I made sure to email him with positive and appreciative feedback, copying in his manager so that he was aware of the good work too.

    It didn’t take much, but I hope it helped to offset the usual stream of bad news that you refer to and make the dev know he’s appreciated and valued =]


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