How I helped the account manager to test better – Day 23 of 30 Days of Testing


Quality of a product is a very important topic to anyone in the company, so ability to quickly check real-time status of major product’s KPIs is a great skill to have.

In my company, very often some of the checks are done by our account manager. Imagine a situation where a partner writes in with a problem with web-service which your company is delivering. Account manager is usually the first person to read this, check the problem and reply to the partner. In other scenarios, account manager may just need a quick check of certain partner service quality before making any kind of communication step with them. Have in mind that sometimes other colleagues are not able to help immediately, so account manager would clearly benefit from knowing how to execute some checks independently.

Our account manager is a great learner and has been very open to get to know more about the product, so we arranged a meeting to talk about my beloved monitoring tool – New Relic.

I have explained to him some basics of New Relic: where to find dashboards, how to see queries behind each dashboard, how to make your own queries. We created some queries together to check a few important questions and modified existing ones to get the grasp of how to build queries if you don’t know where to start.

Of course it will take some time for the account manager to get used to this new tool, but I’m sure that he got a good background now and will be able to check out some of important questions real-time.

It was very fun for me to share knowledge and we even found out together that one of device types for our web-service in the last 2 weeks was a car, specifying which car it was we learned a fun fact – our web service was used by Tesla car owners.



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