Easy way to find broken links – Day 18 of 30 Days of Testing


During some previous testing challenges, I encountered broken links (they are pretty common!). However, I decided to try testing a different website.

Again I had to choose – I like pretty websites, so I found Woven Magazine.

There are free online tools which scan the whole website for broken links and create nice reports. So, I just used Dead Link Checker. No need for me to blindly try to find broken links when I can get a full list of them.

Possibly, magazine does not run a dead link checker because they have 11 broken links:


I did check some of those broken links and they hide pretty nice bugs. For example, you go to http://wovenmagazine.com/blog/ and there is a button to Collaborate. You click on it and this is what you get:

Not only that you cannot really Collaborate, but you also get Page 1 of 0.

Broken links happen very often in various kinds of websites because:
Things get outdated or they just change, while link remains.

You can see in the list for Woven – there are links from articles which were written more than a year ago and initiatives about which they were written do not exist anymore.

I did send an e-mail with my findings to the magazine so I’m sure it’s a win-win situation. Today’s challenge was definitely very fun to do – I love using broken link checkers!


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