How a user decided not to use Wizzair app – Day 13 of 30 Days of Testing


UX problems are very common in all kinds of products. Each of us has faced them with products we tend to use often. It can be as simple as too small button, and as a user you may misclick or mistap it which can be very frustrating.

Techniques for usability testing definitely would not fit to this post, but I must include a honorable mention of heat maps. I just love images of them and user behavior: how there are hot areas which users interact with way more.

In Software Development, UX problems usually are marked as “nice-to-have“, however, sometimes, especially with new products, UX problems are major ones to solve: if user is not comfortable using the product – they are discouraged to keep using it.

For today’s challenge, I chose to test Wizzair‘s mobile app on my Android phone. Usually, I do all my traveling related actions in desktop version, but today I decided to see how users can Check-in to the flight via app.

I booked my flight in one booking before, so I found my booking in the app and tapped on it. Screen opened with my both ways flights. Even if I do believe that it would be great to Check-in to both flights at once, but web client works the same way, so it may be by design.
I noticed this UX problem:
“Please check-in!” is shown only on 1 out of 2 flights which are actually both not checked-in yet.
This is confusing for a user (I had to re-check online to see that I really did not check-in to the second flight of my trip).


Moving on, I did check-in to the first flight. Then, I just went back a few times (because I knew that second flight is waiting there to be checked-in to again). I got to the same screen as I inserted above, it confused me – I just checked-in, so why is it still asking to check-in! I clicked once again to check-in to the first flight and ended up again in Check-in window, but this time after first Proceed, I got my Boarding Pass window. Well, this was quite buggy, so I moved again back. This time it refreshed the state accordingly and displayed this:


It is clear for me as a user that I did check-in to the first flight, but what about the second one? Why doesn’t “Please check-in!” appear there?

If I had many flights, this could be very frustrating not to know in which flights I did check-in. Showing message only to one of flights and not others may mean that others don’t have the same state. 

In the end, because of this UX problem, I may stick to the desktop version of Wizzair.


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