My team is my company – Day 11 of 30 Days of Testing


I am an only dedicated QA person in my company, but does that mean that I am a team of one? I don’t think so!

My team is every single person who works in my company, because:

  1. We all are working for the same products
  2. We all want our products to be in good quality
  3. We collaborate with each other towards our company’s success

To illustrate it, I can give you a few examples how my work is related to each and every one of my colleagues:

  • Account manager collects outstanding issues, communicates them to the partner, asks for verifications and needs help explaining some of issues.
  • Sales person is preparing for a pitch and jumps into an issue – it gets extra attention if it was reported, if it wasn’t – it gets reported, and, if it’s actually not an issue – it is explained by QA and raises awareness.
  • CEO may as well check the product and doubt quality, QA has to be there to explain if quality did change or not, try to investigate reasons why the change may have happened.

I did not even include some obvious collaborators: programmers and product management colleagues. Every QA analyst works with them closely.

It can be a way different situation in a big company where people are more distinctly working in separate “teams”. This is understandable: after a certain limit of people it’s easier to curate smaller teams and have leaders there who are connected to other leaders of other teams. I have worked in a setting like that, but must admit that I like small company better.

You may be wondering, so how did I manage to get all my company to one picture? Sadly, but I didn’t. However, our awesome front-end developer agreed to represent the whole company and you can see the picture here.


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