How to find testing (and not only) events to attend – Day 10 of 30 Days of Testing


The task for today is clear, but the question is: where can we find events?

In this blog post, I will share where I look for meetups, webinars or other events to attend.

  1. Meetups – this website is definitely a winner of all kinds of meetups in one place. You can find meetups from various areas in your own city. Not only that you have a huge selection of meetups to attend, but you can organize them as well (I have a meetup there, too!). It’s a great way to discover like-minded people in your city.
  2. Ministry of Testing Masterclasses – as of today, there is no new masterclass announced, but I have attended the last one and it was a great success. Attending masterclasses is easy, very beneficial and free – you just join them online. Make sure to register and actually attend them, if not – they still will be available, but only for Pro members of the Dojo.
  3. Sticky Minds Web Seminars – there you can find a list of pretty interesting webinars to attend. Don’t get scared of time 2 PM ET, if you are in Europe – it will be your evening, so perfect activity after work. Sticky Minds as well include on-demand webinars which you can just watch when you want.
  4. Test Huddle Webinars – similarly to #3, in this website you can find a lot of useful webinars on various testing topics not only live, but on-demand also.

My choice for the event was found in #3 site:
Test Data Playbook: Create a Winning Test Data Management Strategy for Application Testing

I don’t really have much of test data usually, but I believe it’s a useful topic to hear about and learn new things. Feel free to join me!


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