7 bugs out of 5 will do for Day 8 of 30 Days of Testing


With so many apps in the market, it can be tough to choose the one you would like to test: should it be a known and stable app, a small hobby app which you would like to use or an unknown app? This definitely can be overwhelming.

I have realized that there is no need to look too far to find an app to test: my colleague is creating apps, so maybe he would have something new bubbling up in the lab. So, why not to help someone you actually know and give some useful feedback?

The beta app I got to test from the creator himself is called MoveRite. This app helps to learn how to do exercises correctly with videos and detailed instructions. You also can track your workouts and purchase extra exercise sets.

It is an iOS app which I tested on iPhone 6. I explored and familiarized with the app by creating random workouts, checking out functionality. It is in quite good condition, so no major bugs were encountered, but it’s not totally bug-free either (but who is?). Enormous help was that creator could give me test user for purchases, so I could test a lot of areas.

Here are my findings:

  1. No weight exercises have weights assigned to them and there is no 0 to choose.crunches with kilos
    At this stage of the app, all exercises require weights. What should be the weight for your abs exercises? The smallest you can put is 1 kilogram for crunches.
  2. About the app section contains default text filler
    loren ipsum
    This is rather expected in an early stage of an app – text will come later, so just a minor detail. So, let’s move on to better findings.
  3. Same weight numbers are shown for both kilograms and pounds

    This was achieved by changing measurement in the Settings and comparing same data as was obtained in kilograms.

  4. Kilograms are still displayed in selector with pounds being default measurement
    1) Change measurement to pounds instead of kilograms in Settings.
    2) Create a workout (or edit existing one)
    3) Try to select a custom weight amount
    Verify that even if selected numbers are shown in pounds, but custom selection still includes kilograms.
    kgs not changed in selector
  5. App closes after first purchase
    1) Navigate to App Purchases in MoveRite
    2) Click to purchase one of the exercise packs
    3) Sign in to your iTunes in pop-up dialog
    4) Confirm that you want to buy the app
    Verify that MoveRite closes and you are left in Home screen with Thank you message. You need to reopen the app. 
  6. After purchasing second exercise pack it does not change to Owned
    Precondition: you just reproduced bug #4 and have one of packs purchased.
    1) Reopen MoveRite (you may need to sign in on launch, so do that)
    2) Go to App Purchases
    3) Click to purchase pack you do not own
    4) Confirm the payment
    Verify that in App Purchases Pack remains with the price which did not turn to Owned even if you did purchase that other exercise pack.
    after second purchase not owned
  7. After purchasing both exercise packs and reopening app – both packs still have prices and trying to purchase you get a message that you already own it
    Precondition: make sure you have both exercise packs purchased and encountered bugs #4 and #5
    1) Reopen the app
    Verify that both packs are with prices again and not marked as Owned
    2) Click on price to purchase it again
    Verify that message appears that you already have purchased this

To comment more on the purchase bugs, I am not sure maybe some of purchase bugs were actual limitations of sandbox user that I was given as creator said that it may cause some problems.

Conclusion: it turned out to be 7 bugs and I enjoyed this challenge a lot.  Exploring a new product is a great feeling. The best part is that I am giving feedback to the creator and a little bit contributing to the product.

P. S. MoveRite is open for Beta testing so feel free to join as well and help it improve!




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