Bugs come in through open Windows

Today I’m in a deep sorrow. I lost those two my beloved weirdo bugs which have magical powers.

I think it’s time for me to tell you all their beauty and my silliness. I was testing integration with Microsoft Excel, and, our product has its own ribbon when add-in is installed. In that add-in there is special Insert Object button. That’s the place where bugs decided to live and prosper. After inserting an object which is also an Excel file a blank Excel document would open up, and, cause a lot of trouble: closing it you would close all the file and file’s window would become blank, closing that blank window would end up in Excel not responding. The beauty was that not with all files this would happen. It would just be sort of random!

The second bug was with another part of files who usually did not have the first bug effecting them. So, it seems that everything works great: object is inserted and no blank window appeared. Dream on. Dragging the object Excel’s blank window would open up and flash. Creepy, right?

As a noob software tester, I checked the previous release with Excel 2010, and, of course, there were no bugs like that. I got so happy  and filed them even if later on I was confused several times when bugs did not reproduce. 

Today software developer writes to me and breaks my heart (of course, he is young, smart, and, cute… what else guys like that can do than break hearts?). It figures out that non-integrated Excel cannot handle its own Excel files inserted as objects. So, at least one bug, is not our problem, but Excel’s. Another bug is sort of a “son” of the previous one. Our add-in even solves the problem somehow for some files. So, that blank page does not show up, but flashing appears. Our guess is that it’s just an effect of this “father” bug. 

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I did not say to a developer that he made me sad, and, I feel like a mother who just figured out that her two kids are actually not hers.  Our scrum calls are more than formal, but today that developer could not hold himself and started laughing when telling about discussing the bugs with me. 

To sum up, the lesson I’ve learned today:
It’s not always your products fault, check the native application, because Bugs come in through open Windows, and, well, everything else that’s made by Microsoft. 


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