The Perks of Being a Software Tester

Today is exactly one month since I started my job. For this reason, I decided to give you a little treat and name all the best things you get with becoming a software tester. 

1. Software-awareness. 
Here I’m not just saying that you will learn more about the software you are testing. The more experience you have with software, the more comfortable you are to try out something new and make your life easier. Attitude on software just widens up making you try out features you never used before.

2. Ability to try out new software products.
Try out may be even a too humble expression as it is so much more than that. Being a software tester you participate in the process of creating a good software product. This makes you get to know the software really well. When it comes to testing integration, you get to try a lot of different products, for example, Autocad, Office, etc. All the newest products are there for you to try out. Of course, most of the job may be based on integration part, but you get to know the in-built flaws, and, new features, of the software. All of this allows you to learn more about what’s in the software market right now, try the product out legally, and, get to know what’s new in this new version of it.

3. Software testing is dynamic and full of constant learning.
There may be days that are bug-free, and, full of sadness by being repetitive, but, in general, being a software tester, allows you to test all kinds of different software. Usually, there are projects and they don’t last too long. For example, a new update for this product is coming to the market at a certain date, and, of course, the release build has to be bug-free. However, usually testing and fixing bugs for a new release may take only a month or two if it’s just an add-in. This means that you move on from one product to another, and, you learn new things constantly.

4. You are not scared of failing anymore.
First, I thought to name this “Being a software tester awakens your inner child”, but fail is the thing that inner child is not scared off. Children can be quite rude with their brutal honesty and bravery. They are not concerned what people think of them, they fall and get up, they are not afraid to try new things and are curious. Later on in life they get full of society’s norms and rules, and… become adults. Adults who are thinking of what others may think and are scared of trying new things in order not to fail. Being a Software tester breaks this attitude so much. We get happy when something fails. Software testers are not afraid to try something totally silly: what happens if I press on this big red button? (Adults would shout: Just don’t press the red button!). This changes the attitude on failing in life on the whole. It’s fine to fail, even the best products fail, so, let’s try and see what will happen. Let’s be playful.

5. Software testing improves your concentration and memory.
You will not do tasks mechanically, some bugs are really difficult to find, and, the road to their cave is not straight. Software tester must remember what kind of turns were done before in order to get there.
Once we got a really buggy build. To make matters worse, the product on which the integration was tested, changed. So, my developer came to me to see how the integration is working now. He did a lot of random things so quickly, I was trying to follow, but it was a challenge. Then after a while he modifies the Excel file, does some random commands in between, and, tries to exit the file. Instead of expected “Do you want to save?” message there comes nothing, and, that new file just turns off with all the modifications. The developer says “Oh, that’s no good. If I worked a few hours on that and it just turned off? All my work would go to waste.”. However, the developer did not remember himself what he did, and, the worst part was that me and my colleague could not sleep calmly after failing to reproduce that bug for 2 days. Today I caught it. Testing something else and playing around, I found THE BUG. I could not be happier. It was not easy to be very concentrated and try to make the same bug with as little steps as possible in order to find the real cause.
The main thing is that you cannot relax when searching for bugs: your memory has to store steps, and, you must be really concentrated in order not to miss the bug. No mechanical work is found here.


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