It’s raining bugs… Hallelujah?

After a long wait, my first bug was discovered. First bug filed. Though, this made me have mixed feelings.

Of course, I am very happy, indeed, to have found it. However, our new build is so buggy, that it even hurts a bit for me to file a new bug. What a pain it is for developers, and, I want our product to work perfectly. I shared those mixed happiness/sadness feelings with my fellow colleagues just to make them burst from laughter: “Oh, new software testers, they are so naive and still thinking about developers… Be happy that you found a bug. It’s your job. You do that, and, you’ll never be friends with developers.” 

After that first bug I found 4 more undiscovered ones… And, there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet! This build is very buggy and some bugs are parents to others… One tiny bug can go a long way!

I feel like today was my first real working day. I am tired, it was a busy day and lots of bugs are still waiting to be put in their tiny cages… I’ve learned a lot.

My last today’s bug was such a beautiful one! It was basically that all integrated dialogs, for example, open a file, had it… Imagine you press on open, a dialog appears asking you to select a file. There is a quick search field. You enter something, for example, ‘*.doc’ and by pressing run search, your documents with .doc should be nicely put in that window. I wrote it in, and, all the software got unresponsive. It just got all disabled. Even the red exit cross was unresponsive and disabled. What a wonderful bug! Made all the application somehow crash. Brilliant. I am truly proud that I found it. 


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