Housekeeping in testing

During my first job interview, I was overly-excited and happy. I wanted to become a software tester. I liked the tasks given, the questions asked. Then I decided that even if job market is not for me – I at least enjoy going to job interviews! I wish it was paid… 

One of the questions was about monotony at work. They asked me whether I think the job is going to be boring. Of course, I said no way and told them how cool it is to be a software tester! What kind of monotony are we talking about? It’s exciting, it’s out-of-the-box, it’s dynamic. My then-interviewer (now-boss) calmly replied that some days can actually be boring… Now I get it!

We finished our old-project and had to start another integration with different software. Excitingly, I prepared my fresh Windows 8 virtual machine… I turned on the software, and… integration is not there. Hmm, I try re-installing the build – same thing. Then, we figure out, that the build is not working. With no integration in software – we cannot do any integration testing… 

Now it has been 2 days with no build (writing this I feel as sad as if it was ‘2 days with no food…’). This means it’s a nightmare for software developers who are struggling to create a new one, and… It’s a nightmare for testers, too. We are working as secretaries now! Sooner or later this had to be done, but, at least it could have been between the breaks of testing. We do… housekeeping.

Housekeeping in testing basically means that we are updating old test plans according to the new release of the software (GUI changes). Also, most of the test plans are from 2006 and just shout for a make-over to our new test format. It’s a lot of copy-paste, formatting and document creating in Excel…. I dislike it sooo much, and, want to test things again!

Oh, God… Wait, no…. Oh, developers, please develop the new, working build…


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